I read.

I read as I read. A red of anger A toppling, rocking molten mess of rage I read the words i read when red was a heated blush a touch of fever on the cheeks a breathless, waiting thing sensuously expectant i read why again must i read? a story irrelevant to me but that … Continue reading I read.

Your Son

I dreamt I brought your son to you wrapped in a cloth of love and raised under the leaves of palms. His eyes were uncut gems His smile was feral, his brown hair gold in the glow of sunlight. . He is the day that you gave me that warm horizon six years ago the … Continue reading Your Son

Rise and Fall

groaning sleeper living practicality a dream, interrupted memory faded, duty-veiled (be grateful for the grating grind) labor pains are blessings my mouth is sewn neatly closed (work is a bell ringing in the heart) i truly agree serenade of the soul oh sweat beware the temptress outside your oubliette to be forgotten is not to … Continue reading Rise and Fall


When I speak to you, I do not know how to speak. When I know how to speak, I do not speak What I speak, I do not know. When I know, I do not know how. I speak to know how to speak. When I know you, to speak you. I know the “how” … Continue reading 6:20CST


The faces are smothered by the masks we need to breathe, the forest carries the fire to us,making ash from the dreams we never attained.The flats which were emptyunder lock and keywhile we searched for shelterare fed to the flames. Born without consent, into a life we can’t afford. The roads are closedthe gas pumps … Continue reading After


A tragic end is a tragedy, not because it ends. Things don’t end. They just stop being known. A train speeding faster than sight. A black circle painted on a wall. It passes through, I crash into the stone. Where it goes, I cannot follow. I weep not because it is lost, but because I … Continue reading Train